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Godsfield Chinese Medicine Bible The Definitive Guide to Holistic Healing

Godsfield Press, February 2011
Softcover, 400 pages
17cm × 14.2cm × 2.8cm

The Chinese Medicine Bible explores the key principles of Chinese alternative therapies, explaining the importance of balancing yin and yang and the nuances of the five element theory, before delving deeper to explain the causes of disease, the diagnostic tools needed such as tongue and pulse analysis, and the methods employed to treat common ailments.

The book also contains a detailed directory of Chinese herbal medicine, including a materia medica of 50 essential healing herbs, and outlines the principles of acupuncture and moxabustion. Along with fully illustrated step-by-step guides to self-help techniques you can try at home including acupressure, tai chi and Qigong, The Chinese Medicine Bible shows you how to easily maintain your health and vitality using these natural, time-tested techniques.