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True Colours Lauren Huxley and Her Family - From Tragedy to Triumph

Bolinda Audio, May 2009

It was a shocking crime that made headlines around Australia. A young woman violently attacked in her family home by a total stranger and left to die. Beaten repeatedly and soaked with petrol as her home burned, Lauren Huxley's life was hanging by a thread.

Lauren's battle to survive caused an outpouring of love and support. For her father, Patrick, mother Christine and sister Simone it was like being plunged into hell. Doctors gave Lauren only a five percent chance of survival. Her injuries were among the worst they had ever seen, so horrific that she was barely recognisable. But those insurmountable odds counted for little against the Huxley family's determination, courage and love. Together, they started to rebuild their shattered lives...and Lauren started coming back.