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Hodder Headline, April 2005
Softcover, 528 pages
23.1cm × 15.6cm × 3.9cm

For Australians Kokoda is the iconic battle of World War 2. Unlike Gallipoli in World War 1, the Battle of Kokoda during 1942 in the Papuan jungles and mountains was actually won, but at the cost of more Australian lives than in any other battle in WW2.

Peter FitzSimons has written bestselling biographies of Nick Farr-Jones, John Eales, Kim Beazley and Nancy Wake. This is an authoritative and gripping telling of the story of Kokoda. Then Prime Minister Paul Keating, in his speech at Kokoda on 26 April 1992, said of the battle "this was the first and only time we've fought against an enemy to prevent the invasion of Australia, to secure the way of life we had built for ourselves. This was the place where I believe the depth and soul of the Australian nation was confirmed. If it was founded at Gallipoli it was certainly confirmed in the defence of our homeland here."