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Marooned on Mogmog A Remote Island, a Shipwrecked Aussie Family, a Clash of Cultures

Harper Collins, July 2011
Softcover, 288 pages
23.2cm × 15.4cm × 2.5cm

In early 2010, Jennifer and Andrew, along with their two young daughters, washed up - literally - on the tiny island of Mogmog in Micronesia. Fortunately for the Barrie family, Mogmog is inhabited by a bunch of very friendly locals...or at least that's what they initially thought!

This is the true story of a modern day Swiss Family Robinson who lived to tell the tale of surviving a shipwreck and months stranded on one of the world's most remote islands. In Marooned on Mogmog, you'll see that paradise isn't always what it seems...